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We are always looking for volunteers for the Ministries active in our Parish. If you have performed any of these ministries in a previous parish, or if you are an established parishioner whose circumstances now allow more time to undertake this work, please be sure to approach Father Gus and offer your services.


EUCHARISTIC MINISTERS - Eucharistic Ministers are appointed by our priest to assist in distributing Holy Communion at Mass and in taking the Eucharist to the homes of sick parishioners.

MINISTERS OF THE WORD (READERS) - Readers are an integral and important part of the liturgy, as they proclaim God’s word to the congregation. Readers are given training and are expected to study the readings in advance, before the Sunday they are due to read, as this adds to their understanding of the text and improves the quality of their ministry.

MUSIC MINISTRY - Singers and instrumental musicians are always in demand at all three Mass Centres. Please contact Father David if you feel you can help.

ALTAR SERVERS - This is another essential contribution that the laity make to the Mass. If you have been a server before or would like to become one and you can commit to serve on a regular basis, please volunteer to Father David. If necessary, training will be arranged.

YOUNG SERVERS - Young people of the parish are encouraged to participate in the liturgy by carrying the gifts to the altar at the Offertory, or as cross bearers. This ministry provides an opportunity to grow in understanding and respect for the celebration of the Eucharist through fuller participation. All children are encouraged to join.